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  • Summer tennis lessons available for all at Detroit Mercy

    Thursday May 23, 2024

    Two 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 students play tennis on the courts outside of the Student Fitness Center.Titans, get ready for an exciting summer with the Motor City Tennis Club!

    Join this tennis program on the McNichols Campus from June 17 to Aug. 12 for the Summer Lessons Program, designed for all skill levels. Sessions will be held Mondays and Fridays from 6-8 p.m.

    Spaces are limited, so sign up today and serve up some fun this summer!

    The tennis courts are located at 4001 W. McNichols Road in Detroit on the McNichols Campus of 香港最快开奖现场直播资料.

  • Women鈥檚 soccer to host Nike Soccer Camp for all skills, July 8-12

    Thursday May 23, 2024

    A graphic for the Nike Soccer Camp, July 8-12, Half Day, Full Day, Summer 2024.

    Detroit Mercy’s women’s soccer program is holding , including one on the McNichols Campus from July 8-12.

    The day camp is focused on fun and teaching kids the game of soccer.

    There are two camps 鈥 one at Detroit Mercy and the other is in Waterford, Michigan from June 24-28. Both camps are co-ed and for skill levels of all ages.

    Anyone is welcome to join!

  • 2024 Commencement: Download photos, watch replays and more

    Tuesday May 21, 2024

    Congratulations, Class of 2024!

    The world gained new Titans with more than 1,000 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 graduates receiving their diplomas across four different Commencement ceremonies May 10-11 inside Calihan Hall on the McNichols Campus.

    Watch replays of the ceremonies through the听.

    听for a full array of photos from each of the ceremonies, as well as the Multicultural Graduation and other ceremonies.

    For full profiles, programs, replays and more from 2024 Commencement, visit听

  • Summer volunteering opportunities are available with TENN

    Tuesday May 21, 2024

    Looking for volunteer hours over the summer, while also making a different in our community?

    Join Detroit Mercy’s Titan Equity Nourish Network in delivering produce to our neighbors and in our garden. Produce deliveries are Monday and Friday, while garden days are throughout the summer.

    , which are every other week 12-2 p.m.

    , which are every other week 10 a.m. to noon.

    With any questions, please contact Chelsea Manning by email at

    A graphic featuring photos of the Titan Equity Nourish Network, including the produce deliveries and garden. Text reads, Summer Volunteers Needed, Join us in the garden and delivering produce to our neighbors, for more info, email

  • Earn $40 through Detroit Mercy鈥檚 mental health study

    Tuesday May 21, 2024

    Detroit Mercy students, staff and faculty can earn $40 through a mental health study at the University. The Department of Psychology is looking for participants for the study.

    To qualify, you must be 18 or older, have experienced a traumatic event and have the ability to complete questionnaires and interview about current mental health symptoms in English. Each in-person appointment will take approximately 60-90 minutes.

    Participants will be asked to fill out a few self-report questionnaires relating to traumatic experiences, relationships, emotions and coping. They’ll also be asked to participate in a confidential videotaped clinical interview regarding traumatic experiences.

    The study will use the information to help clinicians diagnose trauma-related conditions and design better programs for people who have experienced traumatic events.

    Please call 313-993-1486 or email Katelyn Lowe at with any questions or to see if you may quality for the study.

  • Job opportunity: Work in Office of Admissions this summer

    Tuesday May 14, 2024

    Detroit Mercy’s Office of Admissions has two positions available for the summer: Tour Guides and Welcome Desk Associates.

    For more information or to apply, please email Darrius Hicks at

    A graphic featuring two students in an office setting. Text reads, Work in Admissions This Summer, We're Hiring Tour Guides and Welcome Desk Associates, To apply, email Darrius Hicks at

  • Class of 鈥24: Co-Valedictorian ready to care for world as Pre-Med graduate

    Thursday May 09, 2024

    MacKenzie Patterson smiles and stands inside St. Ignatius Chapel.

    Each year, 香港最快开奖现场直播资料鈥檚 Marketing & Communications department profiles members of the graduating classes. Students chosen were nominated by staff and faculty for their contributions to the life of the University.听Click here听for more information about 2024 commencement exercises.

    MacKenzie Patterson鈥檚 life and what she wanted to do with it was transformed when she was 11 years old.

    That was when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Patterson witnessed first-hand the great care that doctors provided her mom.

    Fast-forward to her senior year at 香港最快开奖现场直播资料, and Patterson is on the doorstep of realizing the dream of becoming like the doctor that helped her mom.

    Patterson, one of the Class of 2024 Valedictorians, will graduate Saturday with a Biology degree and is preparing for the next step in her educational journey: Medical school.

    鈥淚 just remember feeling pretty grateful to my mom鈥檚 doctor,鈥 Patterson said. 鈥淚 heard amazing things about her dermatologist and how thorough she was, and the cancer was a really tiny spot. She caught it and took really good care of my mom during the process.

    鈥淭hat鈥檚 when I became more interested in medicine and science. I just wanted to become like her and helping patients like my mom and improving overall quality of life.鈥

    Patterson, from a small town outside of Buffalo, N.Y., initially visited the University because of an opportunity to run track and field for the Titans. Before visiting, she was looking at schools close to home and her family but reconsidered after touring 香港最快开奖现场直播资料.

    鈥淏efore Detroit Mercy sent me that email, I had never considered running on a Division I track and field team, but after visiting, it forced me to reconsider my college options and open myself up to new opportunities,鈥 Patterson said. 鈥淲hen I toured here, I liked that it was a small campus, small class sizes, professors know you by name, the track and field scholarship and I had the opportunity to be a Pre-Med student.

    鈥淭hat one visit changed my path, and I may even argue, my life.鈥

    Patterson said Detroit Mercy became a second home the moment she stepped onto the McNichols Campus as a freshman. She attended an outdoor Mass hosted by University Ministry during her first week at 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 and she鈥檚 been involved with the organization since.

    鈥淚 just instantly felt welcomed by Ministry, I felt like they were going to be the people I would be spending a lot of time with,鈥 Patterson said. 鈥淚 met my best friend Hannah there, we sang together at Mass, and that鈥檚 a friendship that鈥檚 going to be part of my life forever.听

    鈥淚 feel like in a sense Ministry has become my family away from home.鈥

    Patterson immersed herself in a lot of other activities during her time at Detroit Mercy, too.

    In addition to being a track and field student-athlete and involved with University Ministry, Patterson is a member of Gamma Phi Beta, Zeta Nu Chapter and the Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society, as well as the MEDLIFE student organization, which raises money for medicine, education and development projects in underdeveloped countries.

    鈥淲hen I first came here, I didn鈥檛 know anybody,鈥 she said. 鈥淚 feel like the Detroit Mercy community has really become my home; the people have been amazing to be surrounded by. I鈥檝e had a lot of good experiences.鈥

    While she volunteered at a cancer institute and alongside physicians, nurses and other medical professionals in high school to further her interest in health and medicine, Detroit Mercy has offered her the opportunity to fully prepare for a life in the medical field through her academics.

    Patterson said that professors such as Michelle Andrzejak, Klaus Friedrich, Greg Grabowski, Jacob Kagey, among others, in the College of Engineering & Science have been integral with their time, support and encouragement.

    鈥淒r. Friedrich met with me almost every day of the week to tutor me, he鈥檇 meet with me over Zoom to try and explain something to me,鈥 Patterson said. 鈥淚鈥檝e had a lot of amazing professors like that. I feel well-prepared for medical school because the classes are set up in a way where you鈥檙e kind of preparing for it.

    鈥淭he way they teach, it seems synonymous with how med school will be, especially with some of the research assignments they give us to do.鈥

    Beyond the professors, the 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 community impacted Patterson, including Dan Greig and Anna Lawler in Ministry and Si Hendry, S.J., among others.

    鈥淭here鈥檚 been a lot of people here who have believed in me even when I wasn鈥檛 sure I could do it, people who have rooted me on throughout my education here,鈥 Patterson said. 鈥淭here鈥檚 a lot of those connections that I鈥檓 going to miss when I graduate from here.鈥

    Patterson said she felt the Jesuit and Mercy values and mission throughout her 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 career.

    鈥淚 liked the individualized care aspect of it,鈥 she said. 鈥淚t really does show through courses and how staff and faculty conduct themselves, you can tell that our University is really grounded in its mission. We鈥檙e trying to actively better our community.鈥

    Patterson started her 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 career during COVID and arrived in Detroit not knowing anyone on campus. She鈥檒l leave with lasting relationships, a degree that prepared her for the next step in her life and the distinction of being a valedictorian.

    鈥淭he fact that 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 chooses a valedictorian using a 鈥榳hole person鈥 concept, not solely on academic achievement, lends to the entire experience I鈥檝e had on campus and the person I鈥檝e been molded to become,鈥 she reflected. 鈥淩eceiving this privilege is a reminder that anything is possible.鈥澨

    From early days Patterson, the oldest of four children who grew up in a military household with her dad being deployed multiple times throughout her childhood, was a caretaker helping with her younger siblings.

    Her interest in caretaking was then strengthened by watching the care her mom received and volunteering at a cancer center shortly thereafter.

    Now, with a college career full of new experiences and an education preparing her for medical school, Patterson is ready to care for the world at large.

    鈥淲hen I decided to attend Detroit Mercy, I had no idea if I was making the right decision, but now I know with certainty that I was meant to be at Detroit Mercy,鈥 she said. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know if it was luck or fate, but Detroit Mercy saw something in me that I had not yet seen in myself.

    鈥淟ooking forward, I can only hope to repay that kindness by going out into the world and showing them what a Titan can give.鈥

    鈥斕鼴测听Adam Bouton. Follow Detroit Mercy on听,听,听听补苍诲听. Have a story idea? Let us know by听submitting your idea.

  • Class of 鈥24: First-Gen, Pre-Law grad felt supported by Detroit Mercy

    Thursday May 09, 2024

    Jacob Yasso stands smiling inside of the Gardella Honors House with stained glass windows behind him.

    Each year, 香港最快开奖现场直播资料鈥檚 Marketing & Communications department profiles members of the graduating classes. Students chosen were nominated by staff and faculty for their contributions to the life of the University.听Click here听for more information about 2024 commencement exercises.

    Jacob Yasso didn鈥檛 know if a four-year college was for him.

    His high school guidance counselor suggested that he should possibly try the community college route first to see if college was the right call.

    That鈥檚 when a 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 Admissions counselor visited his school.

    鈥淗e looked at my transcript and he said, 鈥榶ou鈥檙e in.鈥 I was really kind of shook, I didn鈥檛 think that I would get in anywhere,鈥 Yasso said. 鈥淎ll of my friends were applying, touring and putting in applications and I was really behind. I guess I was considered a late applicant, but Detroit Mercy didn鈥檛 make me feel like I was late at all.鈥

    Two people stand indoors smiling, one wearing graduation gown and cap and the other wearing a suit.Jacob Yasso (right), with Genevieve Meyers.

    Flash-forward to May 2024 and Yasso confidently says he made the right call in choosing Detroit Mercy. Yasso will be the first in his family to graduate from college when he walks across the Calihan Hall stage May 11 to receive his Political Science, Pre-Law degree.

    香港最快开奖现场直播资料 answered every question Yasso had from the start, helping him fill out his FAFSA, assisting with scholarships and just being there for him.

    Matt Fortescue, the 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 Admissions counselor who visited his high school, Henry Ford II in Sterling Heights, also identified Yasso as a candidate to be a tour guide at 香港最快开奖现场直播资料. Yasso was able to feel at home during his freshman year of 2020-21 鈥 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic 鈥 because of his tour guide job.

    鈥淢att recommending me for that position already made me feel like I was at home because he knew me so little, but he saw my potential,鈥 Yasso said.

    If he hadn鈥檛 felt at home before, he did during the first week of classes, which were held online due to the pandemic. Sitting in a parking lot outside of the Fisher Building on the McNichols Campus, Yasso found out he was the only student who hadn鈥檛 taken a quiz in Associate Professor of Political Science Genevieve Meyers鈥 Basic Government class.

    He didn鈥檛 even realize there was a quiz. What happened next was a turning point.

    鈥淧rofessor Meyers said, 鈥榠t鈥檚 okay, thank you for your honesty and I鈥檒l reopen it for you,鈥欌 Yasso reflected. 鈥淎nd I thought, 鈥榯his is going to work out for me the next four years.鈥

    鈥淭hat鈥檚 really when I became more comfortable with my studies, I really started to care about my work and do better and now my grades are much better than they were in high school.鈥

    The caring gesture from Meyers was a theme Yasso saw throughout his time at Detroit Mercy: The supportiveness of many throughout the 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 community, from Financial Aid, Student Life and Admissions to many staff and faculty in the College of Liberal Arts & Education and many more.

    That care began the day Fortescue visited his high school.

    鈥淓veryone has been so supportive, otherwise I don鈥檛 think that I would be here right now.鈥

    Starting as a tour guide, Yasso became involved in much more during his Detroit Mercy tenure, joining the Honors Program, Political Science Student Association, Chaldean American Student Association and Student Alumni Leadership Council, and serving as an ambassador for his college and in Admissions, in addition to many other activities.

    Yasso was director of freshman orientation during the summer of 2023 before his senior year. He said it was by far one of the best experiences during college.

    Jacob Yasso stands next to a Detroit Mercy backdrop.Academically, Yasso started as a Theatre major but switched to Pre-Law, which he says fits him well. Theatre actually helped get him there.

    鈥淓very stage you step on is a stage for justice, no matter what show you鈥檙e doing,鈥 he said. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 how I got there into law was from theatre. I was always argumentative and my theatre teacher in high school taught us about intersections of theatre in law.鈥澨

    He said partaking in the moot courts 鈥 even during COVID 鈥 only solidified his ambitions of becoming a lawyer one day.

    鈥淢y first year I had Intro to Law with Victoria Mantzopoulos, and she found a way to let us do a Moot Court online during COVID and she asked me to serve as the judge,鈥 he said. 鈥淚t was a really fun experience for me even though I was at home. We did at least one-to-two every year.鈥

    Yasso said that his Literature minor also had a big impact on him, especially as he prepares for law school.

    鈥淩eading a lot of older literature books with diverse voices, it helps you articulate your ideas and write better, which is great for law school,鈥 he said. 鈥淢y literature minor is something that I鈥檓 proud of.鈥

    He said he felt the Jesuit and Mercy values embedded throughout his course work, and not only in the community service classes each 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 student is required to take.

    鈥淭hese pillars that we have opened up our eyes to new possibilities and I think my career goal may be law school, but a real-life goal is a utilitarianist idea of creating the most happiness for the most amount of people,鈥 he said.

    Yasso, who has two older brothers who are also considering college, is following the lead of his parents in the way that he attacks each day.

    鈥淚 watched them work hard during their lives and be successful and I just try and mimic that, working hard,鈥 he said. 鈥淭hey wanted me to go to college, but if I didn鈥檛, you obviously have to work. It motivates me every day.

    鈥淚t鈥檚 definitely very special for my parents.鈥

    A fixture for nearly four years to hundreds, if not thousands, of prospective students, parents, alumni and many others as a tour guide, leader and face of the University, Yasso is glad he decided to attend 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 even if his first tour of campus was a little terrifying.

    鈥淭he initial tour was scary, I think most people would be nervous going on a campus tour,鈥 he said. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know what to expect from a college campus as a first-generation student, I didn鈥檛 even know where the Admissions office was.

    鈥淏ut Detroit Mercy definitely helped me figure out my way.鈥

    鈥斕鼴测听Adam Bouton. Follow Detroit Mercy on听,听,听听补苍诲听. Have a story idea? Let us know by听submitting your idea.

  • Class of 鈥24: Business grad uses empathy to measure success

    Thursday May 09, 2024

    Each year, 香港最快开奖现场直播资料鈥檚 Marketing & Communications department profiles members of the graduating classes. Students chosen were nominated by staff and faculty for their contributions to the life of the University.听Click here听for more information about 2024 commencement exercises.

    As a child of immigrants living in upstate New York post 9/11, Nisha Miah saw the effects of racism and financial uncertainty her parents endured, and the toll it took on their mental health.

    “As a child I wasn’t supposed to see certain things, and I wasn’t supposed to experience certain emotions, but I did,鈥 she said, recalling those years. 鈥淚 witnessed things that I knew my friends did not see, because my friends didn’t have to deal with them.”

    Miah’s tumultuous upbringing has led her to a deep sense of empathy for people and has shaped who she is today. While exploring colleges, Miah, who goes by Ivy, said, “I was looking for a very specific type of university, one that would cater to my long history of nonprofit work and volunteering.”

    A Business Administration major with a minor in Leadership, Miah “wanted my education to actually be utilized in the real world. It didn鈥檛 matter whether I studied business, political science, even art; whatever I chose to study, I wanted to be sure the knowledge I gained could be used for some force for good.”

    When she read 香港最快开奖现场直播资料’s 听mission statement and vision during her college search, she knew it was where she needed to be.

    “I was led to apply because there were so many niche opportunities that really aligned with what I wanted to do,鈥 she said.

    “When I talk to prospective students one on one, I ask them, ‘what is your definition of success?’ Then I tell them to take that definition and completely erase any idea they have of success — whether it be that CEO position, working at Google, making a certain amount of money — and think of success as your own personal development and growth.”

    The way Miah sees it, 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 requires students to become a member of the community, which is a good thing.

    鈥淚 think that that forcefulness is something that opens students’ eyes to a whole new perspective. Here, students gain a sense of humility, understanding their privileges and understanding the concept of empathy, which is critical during the time of university where you’re actually developing that frontal lobe and developing who you are.”

    When speaking to prospective students at Visit Day, Miah tells them, “If you want to see the knowledge acquired be a force for good, I truly cannot recommend any other place than right here, because it’s not only encouraged, but each professor I have had ensures that their curriculum has some type of ethical component to it.

    “Professors make sure that it’s 1% textbook, 99% projects/real-world simulations, making you do things outside of the classroom that apply those concepts of business to the real world.”

    Those real-world simulations have translated into competitions in which Miah has participated throughout her time at 香港最快开奖现场直播资料.

    During her freshman year, she participated in the Michigan Colleges Alliance MC3 competition and devised an educational game to teach financial literacy to low-income Detroit youth.

    “I was playing the ‘Sims’ video game at the time and thought it would be a great idea if this was educational, because people of all ages are obsessed with ‘Sims.'” Her team worked the entire year, partnering with a local nonprofit to create a business proposal for “Cashtopia,” a simulated video game in which elementary school students create an avatar that is taught financial literacy through game play. As that avatar grows older, it learns more advanced concepts of financial literacy. Her team won third place overall in the state of Michigan.

    Another competition she took part in recently was the International Business Ethics and Sustainability Competition, where she and her team went to Los Angeles and competed against 33 global universities. Miah took first place in the category of 90-second presentation, while her team took second place in the 25-minute presentation category.

    When asked what she learned most about her community service work, she鈥檚 quick to answer. “Empathy. And acknowledging the importance of humility and the importance of wisdom. These are the three canons that I learned very quickly would dictate my life.”

    However, she does not like to call her community service ‘volunteering.’

    “This is my job as a human being,鈥 she said. 鈥淭his is my job as somebody who’s supposed to care for my global community. I would have nothing if it were not for the other members of society. The clothes I wear were sewn by somebody in a country that I will never ever go to. The food I have was made by farmers who are paid 25 cents a day. Everything I have is from the hands of another. So, I don鈥檛 see this as volunteering. I see it as my duty as a human citizen of this earth to you, another human citizen.”

    Upon graduation, Miah plans to secure a job with a nonprofit while also pursuing her master’s or Ph.D., which she would like to do at 香港最快开奖现场直播资料. Public speaking is also in her wheelhouse, and she has a passion for it. “I’ve done it my whole life,” she said.

    Her hopes and dreams for the future are truly multifaceted and are connected to helping people and her community, which stands at the heart of the 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 mission.

    “I would love to be an intellectual and academic one day, somebody who is able to teach others and open their eyes to experiences that are far beyond their own experiences and instill that idea of humility, the importance of wisdom, and the number one thing, empathy,鈥 she said. 鈥淚’m hoping to be the person who can impart those positive, powerful tenets for change.”

    Her idea of success may not be typical of young people graduating from college.

    鈥淚t does not look like the ideal: a big house, a nice car,鈥 she said. 鈥淢y idea of success is having made an impact on the people around me, the people that love me and care for me, and having developed beautiful relationships and connections.”

    鈥斕鼴y Julie A. Erwin.听Follow Detroit Mercy on听,听,听听补苍诲听. Have a story idea? Let us know by听submitting your idea.

  • Class of 鈥24: Far from home, Architecture student looks to tomorrow

    Tuesday May 07, 2024

    Iryna Olkhovetska stands in front of a series of designs and pictures located on the wall inside of the School of Architecture + Community Development.

    Each year, 香港最快开奖现场直播资料鈥檚 Marketing & Communications department profiles members of the graduating classes. Students chosen were nominated by staff and faculty for their contributions to the life of the University.听Click here听for more information about 2024 commencement exercises.

    “Starting life anew in a foreign country is not an easy task,” said Iryna Olkhovetska. The native of Lviv in western Ukraine will graduate from 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 May 11 with a master鈥檚 degree in Architecture.

    Iryna OlkhovetskaOlkhovetska is a first-generation college student, who made the difficult decision with her family to leave their home in Ukraine and move to the United States in search of a brighter future six years ago. Today, she is proud to be an American citizen. More importantly, she embraces her identity as both a Ukrainian and American and strives to honor her roots while building a future in the land of opportunity.

    Upon arriving in the U.S. and joining her parents, Olkhovetska enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to learn a language she had little experience with.

    Though apprehensive by what seemed like daunting steps to apply to any university, she chose 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 because of the tight-knit, community-type atmosphere. Before leaving Ukraine, she had completed her bachelor’s degree in Architecture in Ukraine and found that the one year the MCD program required was a great selling point over other universities with traditional two- or three-year master’s degree programs.

    鈥淲hat makes 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 special is the architecture student’s explosion into the field,鈥 she said. 听鈥淪tudents hit the ground running from the outset. On day one of class, students are required to introduce and then defend their thesis/idea on a small, paper-sized poster before an audience of classmates and professors.鈥

    Olkhovetska recalls being terrified at this task of presenting her ideas to people who were basically strangers. She remarks on how astonishing it felt nine months later when she not only presented an elaborate thesis but defended it with poise and confidence.

    She is passionate about her thesis, “Paradigm Shift: Rethinking the Notion of Detroit’s Suburban Neighborhoods by Exploring European-Inspired Design Strategies.”

    “This topic is very close to my heart as an immigrant who moved to the Detroit suburbs and was struck by the stark differences from the more vibrant, community-oriented neighborhoods I was used to back home,鈥 she said.

    She notes that her thesis is “a heartfelt plea for a more human-centric approach to urban planning, one that recognizes the deep impact our built environment has on our quality of life. I want to use my skills and passion to create a better world, one neighborhood at a time.”

    In her experience relocating from Ukraine to a Detroit suburb, Olkhovetska said, “I was amazed by the car-centric design, lack of walkability and absence of lively public spaces compared to the mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly communities I grew up with.”

    It piqued her curiosity and motivated her to explore European design strategies such as prioritizing walkability with well-connected street grids, neighborhoods centered around lively public squares, parks that foster social interaction and investment in robust public transit networks to reduce car dependency, all of which could potentially transform the quality of life and sustainability of Detroit’s suburban neighborhoods.

    “My goal was to show how even auto-centric suburbs could evolve into more inclusive, sustainable, and inspiring places through strategic urban design interventions,” she said.

    “If the opportunity presents itself I would love to apply some of these concepts to my work at Fishbeck,” she added.

    Fishbeck is a Michigan-based architecture and engineering firm, where she will intern on the healthcare team working on design strategies for hospitals and labs. She landed this opportunity after a mock interview in a professional environment preparation class as part of her curriculum at 香港最快开奖现场直播资料. 听“I’m optimistic that we’re at a paradigm-shifting moment for Detroit-area suburbs, and I am eager to contribute through research and practice.”

    Outside of her classwork, Olkhovetska is also an artist who uses her talent to support her war-torn homeland. A group of women from the Ukrainian community in the Detroit area created a nonprofit organization called Ukrainian Girls Help Together, and she has played an active role in the organization.

    The group comprises a talented cast skilled in beading, T-shirt printing, and jewelry making as well as communication and networking. Olkhovetska initially added her paintings to the handmade products of group members who sell at various Ukrainian exhibitions and events. Her participation in this group has evolved into teaching art classes and donating her earnings to the group. Girls Help Together supports not only Ukraine鈥檚 military but also its orphanages, homes for the elderly, and even animal shelters.

    “I am incredibly proud of these girls because, despite our busy lives, we remain committed to our common goal and continue working tirelessly toward it,” she said.

    At an early age, Olkhovetska knew her future would involve creativity, and in high school, she developed a clear interest in the exact sciences.

    “I believe that my creative soul and precise mind are perfectly suited for a career in architecture, where I can combine my passion for design with my analytical skills,” she said. “Architecture is so fascinating. If it’s new, it’s not boring because I’m learning. I’m exploring something new.”

    Her next steps include obtaining her architecture license. She is grateful for the help of her professors who aided her on this journey. She also appreciates the dedication of her adviser, Wladek Fuchs, and program director Claudia Bernasconi, under whose guidance she was able to blend her “creative and technical instincts.”

    To prospective 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 students, Olkhovetska offers some advice: “Don’t be afraid to seek help; just ask for it. Part of the distinctiveness of 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 community is not only its professors, but also the students, where everybody helps each other. Communication is key,鈥 she says. “There is nothing you can’t solve together.”

    鈥 By Julie A. Erwin.听Follow Detroit Mercy on听,听,听听补苍诲听. Have a story idea? Let us know by听submitting your idea.

Student Spotlight

Friday April 19, 2024

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  • Student Success and Academic Support

    Student Success Center

    The Student Success Center offers a testing center, tutoring and study groups, professional mentoring, athlete study table, placement testing, and more. Some of the programs listed below are also part of the Student Success Center.

    • Academic Interest and Major Exploration (AIME)- Developmental advising and peer mentoring to conditionally admitted students.

    • Student Accessibility Services- available to all currently enrolled students who have documented disabilities that substantially limit them in one or more major life activities. Individuals eligible for services may have, but are not limited to, the following types of disabilities: mobility, orthopedic, hearing, visual, learning, psychological and attentional.

    • KCP Program - Michigan students who can benefit from improving their academic skills. Professional, confidential academic support.

    • Personal Counseling - Professional outpatient counseling and psychotherapeutic treatment is available to students at no charge.

    • Tutoring Appointments - SSC offers free tutoring in most freshman and some upper-division courses, including math, chemistry, biology, languages, philosophy, history and English. Make an appointment.

    • Learning Studios - Weekly study sessions by tutors who help with specific sections of courses throughout the term. Includes courses in Math Functions (Algebra), Math Analysis (Calculus), Physical and Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and English.

    TRIO Student Support Services

    TRIO SSS is a federally funded program designed to provide underrepresented student populations. It provides assistance with scholarship applications, academic success planning, mentoring and more.

    The Writing Center

    Work on any stage of the writing process. with peer consultants. Review your assignments, drafts, instructor feedback and questions. Get support if English is not your first language.

    Student Advising

    Work with your faculty advisor to reflect on your academic and career goals and to track your academic progress.

  • Important Dates

    Important Date Info for Fall Term 2023

    • March 20, 2023: Registration Begins For Term I Fall 2023-24
    • Aug. 16-26: Early Fall Intersession/Immersion/Experience (credit) 
    • Aug. 27: Last Day to Register Before Classes Begin
    • Aug. 28: CLASSES BEGIN
    • Sept. 3: Last Day to Add a Class (web closes at midnight) | Last Day to Delete a Class without a W grade
    • Sept. 2-4: Labor Day Holiday (UNIVERSITY CLOSED)
    • Sept. 22: Deadline for Summer "I" grades 
    • Oct. 9-10: Fall Break (no classes/university open) 
    • Oct. 24: Mid-term Grades are due 
    • Oct. 30: Advising for Winter/Summer begins 
    • Nov. 6: Registration for Winter/Summer begins 
    • Nov. 17-18: Weekend Classes End (11 weeks) 
    • Nov. 20: Last Day to Withdraw (full semester course) 
    • Nov. 22: Presidential Bonus Day Off (no classes)
    • Nov. 23-26: Thanksgiving Holiday (UNIV CLOSED) 
    • Dec. 12-16: Final Exam Week (Tuesday through Saturday) 
    • Dec. 16: Official End of Term I/Fall 
    • Dec. 18: Grades due by Noon for Term I/Fall
    • Dec. 18-23: Late Fall Immersion/Experience (non-credit) 
    • Academic Calendar | Registration ScheduleOffice of the Registrar


    Important Dates for Winter 2024

    • Oct. 31, 2023: Advising for Term II Begins
    • Nov. 6: Registration Begins
    • Dec. 26 - Jan. 6, 2024: Winter 2024 Intercession
    • Jan. 7: Registration Ends
    • Jan. 8: Classes Begin
    • Jan: 14: Last Day to Add a Class / Last Day to Delete a Class without a W grade
    • Jan. 15: MLK Holiday (UNIV CLOSED)
    • Feb. 9: Deadline for Fall "I" grades
    • Mar. 3-9: Spring Break/Intersession/Immersion/Exp (credit)
    • Mar. 27: Last Day to Withdraw (full semester course) Mar 30
    • Mar. 29-31: Easter Recess (UNIV CLOSED) 
    • Apr. 23-27: Final Exam Week 
    • Apr. 27: Official End of Term II/Winter
    • May 11: Baccalaureate/Commencement
    • Academic Calendar | Registration ScheduleOffice of the Registrar

    Summer Session III 2024 (14 weeks)

    • Nov. 6, 2023 Registration Begins
    • May 5, 2024 Registration Ends
    • May 6 Classes Begin for Summer I 2023
    • May 12 Last Day to Add a Class | Last Day to Delete a Class without a W grade
    • May 29 Memorial Day (University Closed)
    • July 22: Last Day to Withdraw 
    • June 19: Juneteenth Holiday (UNIV CLOSED) 
    • July 4th: Independence Day Holiday (UNIV CLOSED) 
    • Aug. 5-10: Final Exam Week 
    • Aug. 10: Official End of Term III

    Summer Session I 2024 (7 Week Session)

    • November 6, 2023: Registration Begins
    • May 5, 2024: Registration Ends 
    • May 6: Classes Begin
    • May 27: Memorial Day (UNIV CLOSED) 
    • June 19: Juneteenth Holiday (UNIV CLOSED)
    • June 22: Official End of Summer I 

    Summer Term II 2024 (7 Week Session)

    • November 6, 2023: Registration Begins
    • June 23, 2024: Registration Ends
    • June 24: Classes Begin 
    • July 4: Independence Day (UNIV CLOSED) 
    • August 10: Official End of Summer II 
    Academic Calendar | Registration ScheduleOffice of the Registrar


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Detroit Mercy Student Employment

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  • Emergency Assistance

    In case of emergencies outside of Wellness Center and Clinic hours, please contact the following:

    Emergency Assistance

    911 Police – Fire – Medical

    香港最快开奖现场直播资料 Public Safety/Emergency Line — 313-993-1123

    Call for help

    香港最快开奖现场直播资料 Public Safety Escort Services
    McNichols Campus — 313-993-1234
    School of Law — 313-993-1234
    School of Dentistry — 313-494-6706

    TALK National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24/7) — 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255

    HELP Treatment Referral Hotline (Substance Abuse) — 800-662-HELP (800-662-4357)

    Crisis Text Line Get Help Now (24/7) — Text START to 741-741

    Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network Sexual Assault National Line — 800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673)

    Rape Victim’s Assistance Program at Detroit Police Department Crisis Line — 313-833-1660

    Collegiate Assistance Program (Nurse Line 24/7) — 877-643-5130

    Center for Disease Control, National STD and AIDS Hotline — 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636)

Student Life

Build an experience that extends beyond academics.


Preparation to Graduate, FAQs, and Grad Day

Full-time and Internship postings

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Career Development Events

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