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  • November 29: Holiday Pop-up Shop fundraiser hosted by Library, Nov. 28-Dec. 1

    Wednesday November 29, 2023

    The McNichols Campus Library will hold its third annual Holiday Pop-Up Shop fundraiser Tuesday, Nov. 28 through Friday, Dec. 1 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day in the lobby of the Library.

    Members of the Detroit Mercy community are invited to stop by and shop for handmade Christmas cards, ornaments and other small gifts, such as handcrafted hats, scarves, pillows, basked goods and more! Payments can be made via cash, Cash App, Venmo and Zelle.

    All of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the Adia J. Palmer Memorial Scholarship, which supports students who have worked for the Varsity News or Detroit Mercy Libraries or volunteered for the Titan Equity Nourish Network (TENN) for at least a year (and are continuing in these activities). Students pursuing Performing Arts or Communication Studies may also be considered for the scholarship, as well.

    The library will accept donated crafts or “like new” Christmas decorations and other items for the sale through Tuesday, Nov. 21. For more information, please contact Associate Dean for Technical Services, Library Systems and Archive Director Sara Armstrong at armstrsj1@udmercy.edu.

    A red, holiday graphic featuring cartoon gifts, candy canes, cookies, snowmen and snow flakes. Text reads, 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 Libraries' Holiday Pop-Up Shop Fundraiser 2023, McNichols Campus Library, Nov. 28 through Dec. 1, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., all proceeds go to fund the Adia J. Palmer Memorial Scholarship, contact Sara Armstrong at armstrsj1@udmercy.edu for more information.

  • November 29: Late Night Munchies kicks off finals week, Dec. 11

    Wednesday November 29, 2023

    Detroit Mercy’s annual Late Night Munchies event for students prior to the start of final week (Dec. 12-16) is set for 9 p.m. Monday, Dec. 11 in the Titan Dining Room on the McNichols Campus.

    Late Night Munchies will feature wings, loaded fries, soft pretzels, hummus, sliders, nachos, vegan chicken fingers, cotton candy and popcorn.

    Free entertainment includes two caricature artists, a henna artist, photo magnets and a photo booth that is brought to you by Alliance Credit Union. There is something for everyone, bring a friend!

    A graphic for Late Night Munchies, featuring cartoon food pictures. Text below reads, Featuring some of your favorite snacks, Everyone is welcome! Monday, December 11, 2023, 9-10:30 p.m., Titan Dining Room, Fun Activities! caricatures, photo magnets, henna and photo booth.

  • November 29: Mascot origins: Titan collaboration helped 鈥楾ommy鈥 take off in 1977

    Wednesday November 29, 2023
    Three versions of Tommy Titan are split amongst three photos, two as a mascot and the one on the right as a physical person, during a game at Calihan Hall.Different versions of Tommy Titan, including the original on the far right, depicted by a student.

    A reader鈥檚 response to a feature on the new Tommy Titan in the Spring 2023 edition of Spiritus prompted a deeper dive into the origins of the beloved mascot. This story is featured in the Fall 2023 Spiritus magazine, arriving in mailboxes this week.

    The Titan men鈥檚 basketball team was in the midst of a historic 1976-77 season 鈥 Dick Vitale鈥檚 last as head coach 鈥 yet something was lacking that many top institutions in that era possessed: A school mascot.

    The University, which changed its nickname from 鈥淭igers鈥 to 鈥淭itans鈥 in 1924 in part to avoid confusion with the city鈥檚 baseball team, had various St. Bernard puppies as mascots at U-D football games in the 1940s and 50s. But there hadn鈥檛 been a physical or caricature mascot since.

    Behind a call from the University and assistance from both a U-D alumnus and student, that would change in time for a thrilling finish to a historic basketball campaign.

    Ken Thelen 鈥72 and Tom Cieszkowski 鈥80 didn鈥檛 know each other beforehand, but both played vital roles in helping the first Titan mascot come to fruition in 1977.

    A St. Bernard dog as the Titan mascot, wearing a uniform with a D letter.Before Tommy, U-D’s mascot was a St. Bernard.

    A couple of years earlier, in 1975, the Varsity News had begun to run advertisements for a student to fill the mascot role. On Feb. 1, 1977, the VN once again ran an ad from the Athletics Department.

    As a student, Cieszkowski already brought a lot of energy to Titan basketball games and figured if nobody answered the advertisement after an issue or two, he would throw his name in the hat.

    鈥淚t was divine providence,鈥 Cieszkowski said. 鈥淚 was always jumping up and down in the seats. If I鈥檓 going to be excitable, I might as well be out there, being positive and bringing good energy.鈥

    But before 鈥淭ommy鈥 could spark the Titan faithful, he needed a costume fit for a Titan.

    That鈥檚 where Thelen came in. A graduate from a few years prior who was enjoying the success of the Titan basketball team, Thelen wanted to help with the mascot project in any way he could.

    The Titans had recently defeated rival Dayton on the road, were stringing wins together and had entered the top-20 rankings nationally.

    鈥淚 was under-employed at the time and I took the day off and went down to the Memorial Building (now Calihan Hall),鈥 Thelen said. 鈥淚 knew Vitale, had spoken to him a few times. I told him I wanted to try and go to Marygrove College, I knew they had theatrical armor, so Vitale wrote me a letter, reading, 鈥榩lease give Ken any help you can, Dick Vitale.鈥欌

    While Marygrove couldn鈥檛 help Thelen with the armor he needed, they gave him an address to a place that could help, Tobins Lake Studios, near Ann Arbor. There, Thelen found everything he needed.

    He bought five sheets of Vacuform, thick-gauged armor for $25, which was a considerable amount of money then. Thelen, however, knew someone in the Titan Club, who offered to cover the entire cost for the uniform.

    After purchasing the sheets, the costume project turned into a family affair. Thelen鈥檚 wife, Nancy, made a white tunic with red trim on it and his father, Ken Thelen 鈥52, a skilled wood worker, crafted a spear for the Titan mascot.

    Thelen cut out the sheets for Greek armor, a breast plate, back plate and shin guards. He taped the edges and spray painted them black and then silver. He also created a helmet, which had a feather crest, red and white in alternating feathers.

    Cieszkowski made his debut as the mascot on Feb. 12, 1977, at Calihan Hall against Wayne State, a triumph and win No. 19 in the team鈥檚 win streak.

    鈥淚 brought all of the stuff down there and we went into the locker room before the game and I showed him how it worked,鈥 Thelen said. 鈥淗e was fearsome, he looked like a Fifth-Century B.C. warrior and that鈥檚 kind of how we wanted to portray him as a Titan.鈥

    Cieszkowski shined as the first mascot for a pivotal stretch of Titan basketball. He even signed autographs as 鈥淭ommy Titan鈥 playing off his first name. The moniker was born.

    Two games later, with Tommy Titan in attendance, the Titans defeated eventual 1977 NCAA champion Marquette on the road, 64-63, the 21st consecutive win that season, still a school record. Later that year, in a memorable moment for Cieszkowski, he chased a man across the court at Loyola University Chicago to retrieve his helmet the man had snatched off his head.

    He later made the trip to the NCAA Tournament with the Titans, who were led by future NBA players Dennis Boyd, Terry Duerod, John Long and Terry Tyler. He was in attendance for the Titans鈥 first-ever NCAA Tournament win, a 93-76 triumph over Middle Tennessee State and then at Rupp Arena, where the Titans fell, 86-81, to Michigan, finishing the season 25-4.

    鈥淚t was a thrill to be around the team and Dick Vitale,鈥 Cieszkowski said. 鈥淗e could make you run through a brick wall. It gave me a great opportunity.鈥

    Wearing his mascot outfit, Tom Cieszkowski sits in front of his car with a University of Detroit logo painted on the hood.Tom Cieszkowski was the first Tommy Titan.

    The first iteration of Tommy Titan lasted for a couple of seasons, with Cieszkowski passing off the role eventually to another student. He also transferred to Mercy College, where he finished his studies, becoming a true hybrid alumnus of 香港最快开奖现场直播资料.

    After that, the Athletics Department went from a real, physical Titan to a caricature form of Tommy, where the identity of the person inside is hidden, such as the current Tommy that is visible at various events across the University鈥檚 campuses.

    But, even so, the loveable mascot was off and running permanently.

    Thelen, who still brings his grandkids to games at Calihan Hall, takes pride in his role in helping the mascot come to life in the school he attended.

    鈥淚t had been working in my mind for a couple of years,鈥 he said of the idea for the mascot. 鈥淚鈥檇 go on the road and they all had mascots. When we beat Dayton on the road that season, I was fired up, the alumni were fired up. It was the perfect storm, so I did it.鈥

    Cieszkowski, who embraced the spirit of U-D so much he painted a University logo on his car, was in the perfect position to portray the first 鈥淭ommy.鈥

    鈥淚 felt the best that I was enthusiastic at every game,鈥 he said. 鈥淚 let the spirit flow through me. There was something guiding me and I enjoyed creating a little atmosphere, encouraging people when we were down or behind, or leading a cheer. I鈥檇 get out in the middle of the court when we were hoping to make a comeback. It was a fortuitous, fulfilling experience.鈥

    鈥斕鼴测听Adam Bouton. Follow Detroit Mercy on听,听,听听补苍诲听. Have a story idea? Let us know by听submitting your idea.

  • November 29: Leadership Slam with Angelo Vitale set for Tuesday, Dec. 5

    Wednesday November 29, 2023

    Alumnus Angelo Vitale ’80 will leads a pair of Leadership Slams on the McNichols Campus of Detroit Mercy on Tuesday, Dec. 5. The first slam is from 2:15-3:15 p.m. and the second from 4:45-5:45 p.m. inside of the Commerce and Finance Building, Room 234. Refreshments will be provided.

    Vitale has provided strategic business advice with an emphasis on legal and enterprise risk management issues throughout his long tenure at the Detroit based Rock Family Companies. Prior to his retirement in 2023, Angelo served as the General Counsel and Secretary of Rocket Companies. He also was the first Chief Executive Officer of Rocket Central, a captive professional services company. His wealth of experience helped shape the company’s mission to meet the diverse needs of its clients by delivering innovative solutions to complex financial transactions.

    He served on the University’s Board of Trustees for eight years.

    The event counts as +1 for Leadership Development within the Emerging Leaders Program. With any questions, please contact Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster at zimmerka@udmercy.edu.

    A graphic featuring a photo of Angelo Vitale on the right with text reading Leadership Slam with Angelo Vitale, December 5, 2023, Slam One 2:15-3:15 p.m., Slam Two 4:45-5:45 p.m., C and F 234, refreshments provided.

  • November 29: Travel to India information session set for Nov. 30

    Wednesday November 29, 2023

    Learn more about Detroit Mercy’s Trip to India with an information session during dead hour on Thursday, Nov. 30 in Room 105 of the Briggs Building.

    Stop by anytime between 12:45-2 p.m. Nov. 30, enjoy some free samosas and explore the possibilities.

    At the information session, you’ll learn more about the trip, as well as grant opportunities.

    Photos of India, with students and members of Detroit Mercy's 2023 trip in the photo on the left with the Tahj Mahal in the background.

  • November 27: Detroit Mercy鈥檚 Day of Giving is Tuesday, Nov. 28

    Monday November 27, 2023

    Detroit Mercy is hosting on Tuesday, Nov. 28. This 24-hour fundraising campaign is an opportunity for Titans around the world 鈥 alumni, community members, parents, friends, faculty, staff and students 鈥 to join together and show support for the University.

    But it is also more than a day of giving. It’s a chance for Titans and friends to celebrate everything we love about Detroit Mercy and grand countless opportunities along the way.

    Gifts of all sizes make a difference! No matter the amount, all gifts made on Nov. 28 will help unlock additional funds from generous challenge donors! This means your gift will go even further for students and faculty at 香港最快开奖现场直播资料.

    Donors will be able to choose where to make an impact. Support an area or program you’re more passionate about.

    A graphic featuring images of Detroit Mercy students outdoors, posing for photos and one during Commencement and another image featuring the Jesus status at sunrise. Text reads 香港最快开奖现场直播资料, Day of Giving, Nov. 28, 2023, #WorldNeedsTitans.

  • November 27: Consider supporting to the Adia J. Palmer Scholarship on Giving Tuesday

    Monday November 27, 2023

    Adia PalmerThis Giving Tuesday 鈥 and throughout the holiday season 鈥 please consider donating to the , which directly benefits 香港最快开奖现场直播资料 students.

    When Palmer passed away unexpectedly in March 2022, the University lost a communications major, library student assistant, poet, Varsity News writer and photographer, Titan Equity Nourish Network (TENN) volunteer, warrior for food justice and most importantly, a true friend.

    Referred to as “a light at this University” by classmates, as well as “keenly perceptive but completely self-possessed” and “creative, thoughtful and just a good person to be around,” by her professors, Adia’s quiet strength, sensitivity and humor are missed at the McNichols Campus. The Libraries, Varsity News and TENN look forward to announcing the first awardees of the scholarship on Dec. 8.

    To honor Palmer’s legacy of creativity, inspiration and elevation, and her desire to spread joy, peace and love to make the world a better place, funds are being raised to continue awarding this scholarship into the future. This Giving Tuesday, visit the to donate and learn more about her impact on 香港最快开奖现场直播资料’s campus and the many communities she touched.

Thumbs Up

Wednesday November 08, 2023

Senior Adjunct Instructor of English Molly Barlow‘s personal essay, “Changing pronouns behind the lectern” has been published online in Jesuit Higher Education. Read the full essay.

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    If you have specific questions you may contact:

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